Susan Emmett

Why we need more than Help to Buy to fix the housing market

The Conservative Party conference kicked off with news that the government plans to earmark an additional £10 billion for the Help to Buy scheme to support 135,000 home buyers. Theresa May’s extension to David Cameron’s flagship housing policy, which has helped over 320,000 buyers since its launch in 2013, is part of a raft of

House sellers must be realistic if they want to do a deal

After a long summer of uncertainty following the Brexit vote, data is finally dribbling in. While some of it strikes a brighter note, messages emerging from the stats are mixed. Serious sellers, especially in the prime markets, must remain realistic and flexible with pricing if they want to do a deal. Latest numbers from the

What’s next for the housing market?

Buying a house is a major decision and few people want to commit to such a life changing purchase in times of uncertainty. It’s no surprise therefore that the confusion, fear and downright shock that followed the EU referendum vote to leave has had an effect on sentiment in the housing market. The latest survey