Tim Farron

Tim Farron led the Liberal Democrats between 2015 and 2017.

Farewell to arms: Britain’s depleted military

39 min listen

This week: In his cover piece for the magazine, Andrew Roberts says that the British Army has been hollowed out by years of underfunding and a lack of foresight when it comes to replacing the munitions we have sent to Ukraine. Historian Antony Beevor and author Simon Jenkins join the podcast to discuss Britain’s depleted

Faith belongs in the public square

Everyone approaches life with a particular set of values. Atheists and secularists live by an ethos, although they do not stick a label on it in the same way that we Christians do. Perhaps that’s why some people are particularly nervous about Christians in high office. We can all point to people who proudly wear

Why Christmas sends a shiver down my spine

Does Christmas send a shiver down your spine? It should. We seek at this time of year to reclaim the magic of Christmases past. We think of snow thick on the ground. Rosy-cheeked children skating on frozen ponds. Carol services by candlelight in draughty churches. In 2020, there has been very little magic and wonder.

Why Christians should dump Trump

You won’t be surprised to hear that I won’t be supporting Donald Trump in next week’s election. But while most Lib Dems won’t be cheering on Trump either, there are plenty of Christians who will. When Trump won in 2016, an estimated 81 per cent of white evangelical Christians voted for him. Trump is hoping

Britain’s curtain twitchers will save the lockdown

As lockdown marches towards its sixth week, the vast majority of Brits are digging deep, staying home and trying to make the best of the circumstances. Not every democracy with a strong tradition of liberty is complying in the same way: witness the anti-lockdown protests in the USA. In fact, our government seems to have

In defence of Rebecca Long-Bailey

Rebecca Long-Bailey has been criticised over comments she made on abortion that set her apart from many of her Labour colleagues. Long-Bailey said in a response to a questionnaire asked by Salford deanery: “It is currently legal to terminate a pregnancy up to full-term on the grounds of disability while the upper limit is 24

The lessons from the rise and fall of Change UK

Leaving your party is brave because it is a costly and painful thing to do. You risk the loss of relationships, your sense of belonging and identity, your status and your income. The eleven MPs who formed the Independent Group took those risks knowingly. They saw Conservative and Labour parties transformed by blinkered nationalism and

My plan to end the abuse of MPs 

In football, a player can be sent off the pitch for violent conduct or ‘using offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures towards another player’. If a footballer attacks another player rather than the ball, they are disciplined. This is an accepted and acceptable approach to a game where passions run high. A similar approach

Why can’t Labour decide if it opposes the Investigatory Powers Bill?

Last week brought into focus how Labour is in complete and utter disarray. After the Home Secretary’s statement on the draft Investigatory Powers Bill, Andy Burnham wholeheartedly agreed with the government on the need for extra powers for spy chiefs. Then, about five days later, a letter was released by Burnham’s office saying that after closer