Will Lloyd

The lost souls of the Atrium hotel

Heathrow, in London’s western outlands, never lets you forget it’s there. Jets ascend and descend constantly, turning the air into a migraine. People and cargo, all going and coming all the time. Except for the asylum seekers, the refugees, the migrants, who are stuck like lost baggage in commandeered hotels dotted around the airport. There is

The rise and fall of Netflix

In 2010, Jeff Bewkes, then CEO of Time Warner, was asked if he thought Netflix had any chance of taking over Hollywood. His sarcastic answer deserves to go down as one of the all-time dumb predictions. Bewkes (like the dude who wrote the internal Western Union memo that said telephones were a waste of time)

A night with Bernie Sanders’s brother

Larry Sanders, Bernie’s literal bro, moved to England in the late 1960s and settled in picture postcard Oxford. I was told that Bernie visited Larry there some time ago and was taken to historic Blenheim Palace. Bernie walked around the galleries, he viewed the state apartments, he breezed around Hawksmoor’s library and strolled through Vanbrugh’s