Zak Mir

Is ethical investment only for millennials and hipsters?

In the ‘bad old days’ – namely before the late 20th century – it was traditionally the case that the less ethical and the less green a business or sector, the better. There was, and still is, a whole cacophony of ‘sin stocks, from tobacco to oil and gas to defence and junk food. The

What does the future look like for Apple?

In case you missed it,  Apple’s market capitalisation has now hit the $1trillion mark – something which is as mind boggling as it was inevitable. Everyone with a newswire, Twitter feed and website seems to have latched onto the milestone. You’d have thought they’d all successfully predicted this event on 1 April 1976, when the company

Is there money to be made from the blockchain hype?

It is said that the story of diamond mining in South Africa began with someone who inadvertently kicked a large stone in the dusty ground, only to discover that said stone was in fact a huge diamond. This started a rush of speculators hoping to make a fast buck. For many of today’s speculators, blockchain

Arlene Foster on the Northern Irish economy, Brexit, and Jeremy Corbyn

Arlene Foster has been the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) since December 2015, and the Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly for Fermanagh and South Tyrone since 2003. In this interview, Foster discusses the DUP’s unlikely alliance with the Mrs May’s Conservative Party; why the DUP would not strike a deal with Labour