2386: Outside what we know

2386:  Outside what we know
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Three unclued lights featured the remaining ones, two of two words, the others paired. Two of them do double duty. Elsewhere, ignore one circumflex.


7/7D Part of microscope under old coach (8)

11    Country house’s grand spread (6)

15    This is very slow, taking only a second to catch (5)

16    Pretentious fellow taken to court, reportedly (5)

17    Hold prisoner and bury at noon (6)

18    Rubber rope (5)

20    Possibly 22’s special ceremony (6)

21    Entrance halls where amateur match gets cut (5)

22    Upset goldminer spurns do for troublesome creature (7)

27    Mathematical array from graduate taking a moment (7)

29    Put to use some cheap plywood (5)

30    Bush, perhaps, angry initially about secret service (6)

34    Theatre mission (6)

36    Italian singer’s instrument that’s not playing (5)

38    Reserved half the area with worker (7)

39    Ridges made when surrounding network (6)

41    Mistakenly rely on euros when travelling (11)


1    Extremely angry when beer harvest season that’s produced when cut

(10, two words)

2    Moving targets or no end of war are instruments of death (8)

3    Might waste time at this period during an LOI (9)

4    Perhaps patient needing bandages produces light luggage? (12, two words)

5    Old shed below, second-hand (7)

7    See 7 Across

9    Old apple sent up for £10 (6)

10    Eyesores, in a way? That’s right (5)

12    Two little boys are prey (6)

19    Distinguished — now my heart flutters (10)

21    Hors d’oeuvre from Spain a tot ordered (9)

24    Displace Amiss current England captain (6)

25    Former pupils having manual about English (7)

26    Pot-holer takes a day finding dead body (7)

28    Marks and other currency (6)

31    Blood carrier, a kind heading off on ambulance initially (5)

33    Tourist guide or messenger, at heart, is dreary over the border (5)

35    Talk of Minet? (4)

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