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42 Days: Jacqui Smith

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Here's video of Jacqui Smith's contemptible performance in the Commons last night. Basically, she says that if you don't support giving the police carte blanche then you're on the terrorists' side. At the very least, if you dare to question the government you don't care about security. And of course all you yoghurt-munching civil liberties pansies also don't care about the liberty of "not being blown up". Seriously. As I say, contemptible.

Note too the bald-faced lies she tells. Apparently every security expert supports the government's proposals. Not so. Former policemen and, as I say, two former heads of MI5 opposed the government last night. So too, one should note, did two former Labour Lord Chancellors - Charlie Falconer and Derry Irvine. Lord Morgan, a former Labour Attorney-General also opposed the government.

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