James Forsyth

A devastating moment for Brown

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Now we know why the Labour campaign was so keen to keep the Prime Minister away from ordinary voters. This moment is going to be replayed again and again. Already lobby journalists are calling their offices saying, ‘Shall we buy her up?’

The moment is so devastating for Mr Brown because it sums up what people hate about politicians. He didn’t tell the woman she was a ‘bigot’ to her face but waited until he was back in the car to say it. Next, it is going to be turned into a story about how Brown thinks that anyone who worries about immigration is a bigot.

One final thought: spare some sympathy for those who work for Brown. His instant reaction on getting into the car after his encounter with Mrs Duffy was to demand to know whose idea it was to have him talk to her. In Mr Brown’s world, things are never his fault.  

Written byJames Forsyth

James Forsyth is Political Editor of the Spectator. He is also a columnist in The Sun.

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