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A failure of oversight

A failure of oversight
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Robert Winnett - the Telegraph journalist who first broke the Derek Conway scandal - is thankfully not retracting his claws just yet.  His latest, essential post over at Three Line Whip attacks the Senior Salaries Review Body (SSRB) which audits MPs' pay and allowances: 

"Earlier this month, the latest SSRB tome was published – an 83 page study costing well over £100,000 to complete. It concludes: “We take this opportunity to emphasis that we have received no direct evidence to suggest that there is currently abuse by MPs of the allowances system. We commend the clarity and rigour of the rules and guidance.”

Excellent – the general public can sleep safely knowing that this esteemed body is charged with ensuring we get a fair deal from MPs. The mind boggles as to how the SSRB was able to come to this conclusion at a time when the allegations about Conway were already in the public domain."

The SSRB's regulatory net clearly has massive holes in it - perfect for slipping through...

UPDATE: MPs have just approved a ten-day suspension from the Commons for Derek Conway.