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A nice middle class boy

A nice middle class boy
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I have always had a theory that within the anarchic millennial Byron that is Pete Doherty, there lurks an incredibly well-behaved middle-class boy. Doubtless it was the "mad, bad, and dangerous to know" pop poet that first appealed to Kate Moss. But it is surely the well-concealed Jekyll within that has persuaded judge after judge to let Doherty off with a mild telling off ("you young scallywag"). Now, there comes proof in the Times's serialisation of the former Libertine's journals. Here, for instance, are Pete's "Things to Do" for February 10, 1999:

I - I must at all costs recover the £350 from dear lunatic Justin

II - I must make a concerted effort never to trust entirely another human being, Frank excepted.

III - I must strive to improve my diet. Fruit, vegetables, brown bread & water. My addiction to fried chicken has become horrifyingly close to Tabloid material.

IV - I must try to surround myself with a few more stable & sure characters, lest I allow the worst in me to be dragged out and pampered . . .

V - I must purchase a black bowler hat.

He only forgot to mention buying a new orange folder for his Physics revision notes. This is the authentic voice of a pop prince who may be forced by his image to trash hotel rooms, but would secretly prefer to tidy them up.