Are the Lib Dems now trolling their own leader?

Are the Lib Dems now trolling their own leader?
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Cracks within the Liberal Democrats began to surface this week after Vince Cable publicly denounced Tim Farron as a future party leader. Now things have got even stranger. An excruciating mash-up video featuring Nick Clegg, and set to the tune of Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars, has been released. Mr S was surprised to see that the source of the video was not a rival party or a disgruntled former employee, but rather the party’s official Facebook page.

Could it be that the Lib Dems have finally realised that their leader is not the electoral asset he once was, and are doing everything they can to diminish his standing before they kick him out come May?

Mr S wonders if either Farron or Norman Lamb, widely seen to be the next leadership contenders, are responsible?