Peter Hoskin

Are the Lib Dems spurning Tory advances?

Are the Lib Dems spurning Tory advances?
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Plenty of posturing from the Lib Dem corner today, as their Spring Conference continues in Harrogate.  Both Nick Clegg and Vince Cable are laying into the Thatcher Years and, by extension, the Tories.  Here, for instance, is how the Guardian quotes Cable:   

"[The Tories] have been completely caught flat-footed by this crisis ... They didn't anticipate it. Many of the problems we have originate from the Thatcher years. If you take for example the way in which they demutualised building societies, which became banks, that was a real Thatcher policy and those institutions have been at the heart of the crisis of irresponsible lending. It originated in the Tory years."

Following indications that a Tory government would want more cooperation with the Lib Dems, it's hard not to view all this as blunt political positioning.  You've got to wonder whether Clegg & Co. are leaving the door open for other potential suitors.