Peter Hoskin

At each other’s throats

At each other's throats
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Watch out.  The fur's flying in Cabinet, and there may well be blood.  The latest claim, revealed by Ben Brogan in the Mail, is that Harriet Harman's being blamed by her colleagues for floating that 'lifeboat for Brown' story yesterday:

"Last night, Harriet Harman was at the centre of a blame game over claims that Mr Brown is Germany's favourite for a new job as a global financial watchdog.

Downing Street poured scorn on reports that the Prime Minister is being lined up for an international role that would force him to quit No 10.

Labour sources claimed instead that Mr Brown was the victim of a botched spin operation by the party's deputy leader amid signs that his authority is weakening.

In a sign of increasingly frayed Labour nerves, they accused Miss Harman of trying to advance her campaign to succeed Mr Brown as Labour leader." Whether or not Harman's to blame in this case, the Tories must be loving this.  The Labour infighting smacks of a government in its death throes, where ministers are too busy thinking about Life After Gordon to concentrate on the here-and-now.  Presenting a united front on the economy - or, indeed, anything - is going to be increasingly difficult.