Susanna Gross

Bridge | 25 August 2012

Bridge | 25 August 2012
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The Olympics may be over — but is another gold medal in the pipeline for Team GB?

At the time of writing, the England Women are battling it out with Russia in the final of the 14th World Bridge Games, taking place in Lille. If they win, it will be their second triumph in as many months: in June they won the European championships. By the time you read this, will they have conquered the world (well, the women’s world)?

Meanwhile, at the same venue in Lille, other bridge stars of the past 12 months were celebrated this week when the International Bridge Press Association presented its 2012 Awards. Winner of the much coveted Declarer Play of the Year was Terje Lichtwark of Norway (South):

Two hearts showed six hearts and 10–13 points and 3♥ showed a balanced minimum. West, who had decided to conceal his solid suit, started with the ◆A and continued with the ◆K, ruffed in dummy. When Lichtwark played a trump to his ♥Q, West discarded a diamond. Declarer played a club to the king and then the ♥10, which East had to cover. Then Lichtwark played a club to the ace and ruffed a club. It may seem natural to play the ♠Q now but that would not work. Instead, he played a spade to the king and a club from dummy. East discarded a spade and declarer his remaining diamond. The 4-card ending was: N: ♠A64 ♣8, S: ♠Q ♥K63, W: ♠109 ◆QJ, E: ♠J8 ♥85.

Now for the coup de grace: Lichtwark played dummy’s last (winning) club and trumped with his ♥3. The spade queen overtaken with the ace left East helpless.