Janet De-Botton

Bridge | 25 May 2017

Mick Channon is incandescent most of the time but he has his fervent admirers

Bridge | 25 May 2017
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The last days of May see all the ongoing tournaments coming to an end: both TGR’s and Young Chelsea’s Super Leagues are drawing to a close for another season and the main tournaments, my favourite being the Schapiro Spring Foursomes, are over for another year. There are European and World Championships coming up over the summer but this time of year always feels a bit like the end of term — and not in a good way.

Last week Young Chelsea held its spring half marathon, 12 hours of non-stop bridge, which can be played as a pair or a threesome. Traditionally, this has been won by male bridge players, well tanked up and not too bothered about sleep. Not this time. The winners were Peter Taylor, John Fox and the wonderful Fiona Hutchison. Here is Fiona putting a trump reduction into action to bring home her slam:

Well bid to a great contract!

West led the ♠4, but the smiles turned to grimaces when East showed out on the first round of trumps. Time for plan B. Fiona went to dummy with the Ace of Hearts, pitched a Heart on the top Spade and ruffed a Spade. She went back to dummy twice in Clubs and ruffed two Hearts in hand. The Ace of Clubs also survived, and with three cards left she led her fourth Club — poor West saw what must have looked like two certain trump tricks, dwindle to one.

Very well done — maybe next time I’ll give it a go.