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Brown’s G20 bounce trims Tory lead to 7 points

Brown's G20 bounce trims Tory lead to 7 points
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The figure Gordon Brown will have been waiting for is now in: the post G20 bounce. He's reduced the Tory lead to 7 points ( from 10 points pre-G20) with Labour up a modest three points to 34% according to a YouGov poll published in the Sunday Times tomorrow. The Tories are at 41% and Labour at 34% and the Lib Dems down one to 16%

Some 52% said the G20 summit had been a success (see, the power of that $1.1 trillion figure!) Brown's approval rating is up from 36% to 41% although still outweighed by the 53% disapproving.

If Labour were a rational party interested in survival, they'd call an election now and do the equivalent of crash land on the Hudson - leaving the Tories to be in power during those headlines of 3.5m unemployment and a possible IMF bailout.

This isn't a game-changing poll, to put it mildly; it's hardly a transformation from the post-Lehmans peak of 12-point lead that YouGov gave to the Tories on Valentine's Day. But I always wait to hear from Anthony Wells before deciding what to think of polls. He hasn't blogged yet, but keep your eye on him here.

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