Peter Hoskin

Brown’s global focus leaves opportunities for his rivals

Brown's global focus leaves opportunities for his rivals
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This from the BBC website:

"Britain will contribute to a new World Bank fund for the poorest countries, Gordon Brown is expected to confirm on Monday.

The fund calls on the richest nations to finance it with 0.7% of the money they have used to bail out the banks.

The prime minister will address a two-day conference in London a month ahead of the G20 summit of the world's biggest economies."

The Prime Minister's constant attention to the international dimension of this crisis - as typified by his trip to America last week, this latest conference, and April's G20 meeting in London - may well put him in his comfort zone, and it may well be part of Downing Street's great survival strategy.  But, as I wrote last week, there's a real risk that it turns out to be alienating.  Not only are British people concerned more with their domestic plight - with unemployment, bankruptcies and repossessions - but giving aid to other countries (and 0.7 percent of our banking bailout could be a whole lot of aid) becomes harder to justify when the debt burden faced by future generations keeps shooting up, up, up. 

Whilst Gordon goes Global, there's certainly a breach to be filled by other political parties, or even by other Labour ministers who have designs on the leadership.