Peter Hoskin

Cameron attacks tax-happy Brown

Cameron attacks tax-happy Brown
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A strident interview from David Cameron in today's Express, in which he touches on everything from inheritance tax to not, never, ever joining the Euro. It's this passage that jumped out at me, though:

“Middle Britain has had a wretched time under Labour. This Government has taxed mortgages, marriages, pensions, petrol and travel and raised national insurance and the top rate of income tax. We cannot keep squeezing hard-working families."

Why so noteworthy? Well, off the top of my head, this is the first time that Cameron has referred to the current system as a "tax on marriage". In which case, you wonder if the Tories are planning to place more emphasis on the financial, rather than social, implications of their marriage tax break; appealing more directly to pockets than hearts. Either way, the battle for the aspirational vote seems to be heating up.

P.S. Just out of a mild sort of interest, it's worth comparing and contrasting this Daily Telegraph leader from 2006, which says of Brown:

"He has taxed marriage and mortgages, petrol and pensions, homes and holidays."