James Forsyth

Cameron impresses on first outing

Cameron impresses on first outing
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The shootings in Cumbria this morning meant that today’s PMQS was always going to be a subdued affair. David Cameron was impressive, though.  You wouldn’t have guessed it was his first time answering questions and he controlled the pace of the session expertly.

There were fewer people on the front bench than last week meaning that Nick Clegg was more visible than he had been during the opening of the Queen’s Speech debate. Clegg sat to Cameron’s right while Hague was on his left.

Harriet Harman asked some cleverly constructed questions, her ones protesting at plans for those accused of rape to be given anonymity are never going to be easy to dismiss. While her ones on the difference between Cameron and Clegg on marriage tax were done with humour; her ‘Nick agrees with me line’ was particularly effective. As far as I could see, Lib Dem MPs didn’t join in the shouts of ‘more, more’ after Cameron delivered his final answer.

One other thing that struck me was Julian Lewis, a Tory defence spokesman in opposition who hasn’t made it into government, asking Cameron a very detailed question about strategy in Afghanistan. But Cameron dealt with it well.