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Caption Contest: When Obama Met Lara

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Brian Lara gives President Barack Obama a lesson, during last week's Summit of the Americas in Trinidad. Photo: White House photo by Pete Souza.

Kridaya rounds up some of the cricketsphere's reaction to the President's meeting with the Prince of Trinidad. Obama is said to have been delighted by his encounter with "the Michael Jordan" of cricket. While well-intentioned - and doubtless popular in Trinidad - this won't, as you know, quite do.

Technically, there are clearly some issues with elbow flex and, vitally, weight transference. Obama looks as though he's going to be attempting a front-foot drive while keeping his weight on his back leg. This ensures his head won't be over his right knee and the ball. That's not so good and likely to end in disaster. Ugly disaster at that. Also, Obama's grip and pick-up make leaves one suspecting that he's going to have difficulty playing straight and, like many folk schooled in baseball, will favour pulling the ball to leg in a series of agricultural heaves. Still, it's only lesson one...

Anyway, readers are invited to submit their own captions for this photograph...

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