Chris Williamson blasts fellow Labour MPs over Venezuela

Chris Williamson blasts fellow Labour MPs over Venezuela
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Venezuela’s crisis shows no sign of stopping: protesters have been gunned down, opposition leaders rounded up – and the country recently unveiled a plan to combat food shortages by telling people to eat their rabbits. The country’s situation ‘ain’t perfect’, admits Labour’s Chris Williamson. In an interview with the Morning Star - where else? - the Corbyn ally is still keen to look on the bright side though:

‘I accept that Venezuela has its problems still...But look at where they’ve come from and where they’ve got to’

Admittedly, Williamson is angry at the ongoing situation. But instead of directing his fury at the country’s leadership, he turns it elsewhere: towards the mainstream media – and his fellow Labour MPs:

‘Yes, the media were concentrating on Venezuela but a lot of those flames were being fanned by people inside the PLP (Parliamentary Labour Party) who were indulging in a bloody proxy war…So the media is partly culpable but they’re being fed info by people who should - I don’t want to say know better - but people who shouldn’t be doing that. If they’re Labour members, then what the f*** are they doing?’

Mr S. is pleased to see Williamson is finally pointing the finger in the right direction….