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Clarke lashes out

Clarke lashes out
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Charles Clarke throws the book at Brown today in an interview with the Daily Mail. A few choice quotes.


1) "You saw it with David Cameron over MPs' expenses when he was out, very fast, dealing with the situation. Gordon must stop being a ditherer. He lacks courage. He looks at his papers, dithers and isn't sure."


2) "Gordon can only make the Cabinet seem heavyweight by changing the people he puts in it."


3) "At first, I had thought it unlikely he would give me a Government job. But then, when he became Prime Minister, he said that he had nothing personal against me and he asked me to be a special envoy to him in certain roles.  I wrote to him about what such a role might entail and got no response. So, after about six weeks, I said 'no'. I told him my natural role was as a minister and not as his envoy."


4) "People want the security of confidence about where we are going. They are fed up with a stop-go, chop-and-change approach, taking up things and then dropping them. Voters don't know where Labour stands"


We can be sure Clarke speaks for many. But until there's a candidate to challenge Brown, all this remains a shiver desperately looking for a spine to run down.

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