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Come and get me

Come and get me
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Charles Clarke’s interview in The Independent is good value. He lets rip with his now trademark straight talk, declaring that he’s “frustrated that Labour does not seem to be doing enough to offer real solutions to the major problems of the future, nor be convincing about our capacity to overcome the challenges we face” and criticising Gordon Brown for “allowing a sense of indecision to develop.” But, interestingly, he issues a ‘come and get me’ call about returning to government in response to a question from one reader:

“Would you ever take a Cabinet position under Gordon Brown?

Richard Collins

by email

Yes, certainly but any such appointment is a matter for him. Since before he became Prime Minister I have always been clear in conversations with Gordon Brown that I am ready to serve loyally in his Government but, equally, that I am perfectly happy if he decides not to include me. He asked me to discuss some non-governmental roles but we couldn't find the right way to make them work.”

Over to you, Prime Minister.

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