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Corbyn: I’m ready for a second election

Corbyn: I'm ready for a second election
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With Theresa May currently AWOL, Jeremy Corbyn has been making the most of her absence this morning. As Tory ministers attempt a damage limitation exercise, the buoyant Labour leader appeared on the Andrew Marr show to say his party is 'ready and able to form' a government.

Corbyn was in good spirits as he declared his party's election result 'incredibly good' – even if they did fall well short of gaining power. Confident of momentum building behind his party, Corbyn said he thought there was a good chance of another election wither 'later this year or early next year' – concluding that this 'might be a good thing'. He insisted his party was ready to fight one.

As for his plans for the Labour party in the meantime, Corbyn suggested he would provide an olive branch to his critics and said Labour will table a 'substantial amendment' to the Queen's Speech calling for a 'jobs first Brexit'. With several Conservatives now suggesting Theresa May has no mandate to leave the single market, the whips could have a big task on their hands stopping Conservative MPs from rebelling if this pledge makes it into the Queen's Speech.

Overall, Corbyn's appearance was notable for how assured he appeared. With a YouGov poll today claiming that Corbyn is now tied with May when it comes to who the public wants to be Prime Minister, the prospect of another election will look even less attractive to the Tories.