2433: House and garden

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Across unclued lights (one of two words) combine with down ones to suggest the surnames of four famous English painters; the puzzle’s title suggests the name of a fifth. The fifth letters of these names form STARS. Elsewhere, ignore three accents.


11    Leading soldier and cardinal are to stick together (6)

13    Uncouth William cycling and looking hot (7, hyphened)

15    Subdued headgear suited no bureaucrat (5)

16    Hard and weird rug one dumped (5)

17    Like a mountain canteen, high but not cold (6)

18    Fantastic seaweed Beehive State imported (5)

20    Storehouses menials almost step inside (6)

21    Antibiotic in favour with Curie (5)

22    Darling on land a little tar cuddled (7)

27    Support punk clown (7)

32    Judge unknown in coastal city (5)

34    Mac’s poodles turned silly onboard ship (6)

36    Dowager in see-through item rejecting knight? (5)

37    Here’s an idea: clear Irkutsk immediately (5, two words)

38    Finally awaken American lass using hooter (7)

39    Guard criminal from escaping (6)

40    Ex-PM married a Yankee (3)

41    Iris ran from unruly Franciscans (11, two words)


1    Cooks guzzling cider botched wedding fare (10)

2    Development of next oily plastic (8)

3    Raconteurs rant and roar spoiling end of stories (9)

4    MOs mind poor aide poorly (12, two words)

5    Pot improved flower (7, two words)

6    Listener keeps it turned up for more sound (8)

7    Player embraced by Young America (5)

8    Positive plugs for cricket gear (4)

10    A worker’s caught absorbed in reading-book (5)

12    Desolate cobbler possibly missing one of a pair (6)

14    MP reoriented lost emigrant (12)

21    Gnome with cash ordered dress from China (9)

23    Workers in France don’t strike (8, two words)

25    Drudges retaining European accents (6)

26    Bad Nazi infiltrates cuckoo councillors (7)

28    Bloke reduced woman as Heep did (6)

31    Rover film star Matt reversed (5)

33    Speaker doesn’t begin to hector (5)

A first prize of £30 for the first correct solution opened on 25 November. There are two runners-up prizes of £20. (UK solvers can choose to receive the latest edition of the Chambers dictionary instead of cash — ring the word ‘dictionary’.) Entries to: Crossword 2433, The Spectator, 22 Old Queen Street, London SW1H 9HP. Please allow six weeks for prize delivery.