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Defence review: Cameron takes Corbyn to task over national security

Defence review: Cameron takes Corbyn to task over national security
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David Cameron’s initial statement to the Commons on the Strategic Defence and Security Review was a rather high-minded affair. Cameron talked about how the world was an even more dangerous place now than it was in 2010 and conceded that governments can’t predict the future, and that you had to ‘expect the unexpected’ when it came to national security.

But his reply to Corbyn’s rather rambling response - which went on so long that John Bercow felt obliged to tell the Labour leader to hurry up - was brutal. Cameron rattled off Corbyn and his shadow chancellor John McDonnell’s greatest hits on national security as the Labour benches looked even more depressed than they did last Wednesday.

Cameron’s approach seemed designed to try and drive as big a wedge as possible between Corbyn and his MPs, to remind them how far outside the foreign policy mainstream their leader is before any vote on extending air strikes against Islamic State to Syria.


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