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Dinner with Abrahams

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Amidst all this mystery about the Jewish Chronicle’s interview with Abrahams, an interesting aside springs to mind. I am told that Abrahams was a late arrival to the Anglo Israel Association dinner at the Savoy on Tuesday. For a laugh, they pointed him in the direction of all the hacks – including one Jenny Frazer from the JC. You can imagine her delight: a boring work night out had just got a lot more interesting.


Now, if this were me I’d chat away to Abrahams as casually as I could then rush off to the loo and jot down what he said. Ms Frazer this morning told CoffeeHouse that she did meet him – but said all the JC wanted to tell the world was in that interview (bylined “Leon Symons and the JC Reporting Team”) The newspaper’s editor told us on the radio that it was a phone interview, so it must indeed have been a different event. But I’m sure it didn’t hurt that a member of his staff had been very well briefed.

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