Rod Liddle

Does J***e C***l O***s understand irony?

Does J***e C***l O***s understand irony?
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The following tweet comes from a very talented US author:

‘The irony that in T***p Dark Age with its public expressions of hatred, bigotry, & cruelty literary publishers hire “sensitivity readers” to peruse upcoming books for “insensitivity.”’

That’s Joyce Carol Oates. A great writer. A great writer who does not know the meaning of the word irony. It is not an irony that this has happened in the age of the man whose name you cannot bring yourself to write. It is because of this totalitarian impulse on the part of the media, publishers, journos, academia and so on that T***p is your president. Because people less gilded and talented than you, Joyce, are sick to the back teeth of this egregious illiberal shite, this closing down of debate, this hair trigger sensitivity. Wake up, Joyce.