Peter Hoskin

Field’s Pyrrhic victory?

Field's Pyrrhic victory?
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Matthew Norman's article in the Independent today is among the liveliest, and most condemnatory, accounts of the Government's 10p tax U-turn. The whole thing's well worth reading, although I thought I'd pull out the last couple of paragraphs – if recent comments are anything to go by, they should chime with CoffeeHousers:

"Perhaps with hindsight this will seem a Pyrrhic victory. Maybe one day Mr Field will reflect from the Opposition benches on whether the wisest thing, for Gordon and the party, would have been to refuse those concessions – justifiably so when the Treasury has no idea what precisely they are – and put the PM to the sword in next week's vote.

Cruel to be kind crudely summarises Frank Field's sincere belief about how best to manage the welfare state. Pity he couldn't extend the principle to putting this wretched Prime Minister out of his, and our, misery."