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Fit for a princess: The Spectator pictured inside the royal helicopter

Fit for a princess: The Spectator pictured inside the royal helicopter
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The Spectator: if you’re a princess with only space for one magazine in your royal helicopter, accept no substitutes. The Duchess of Cambridge certainly doesn’t. As the above picture shows, she has insisted on the new edition tucked safely in the door of the helicopter (you can see it peeking out in the corner). She's in for a treat – there's certainly plenty to read this week.

  • Nick Cohen and Charles Moore put Jeremy Corbyn, leader of HM’s Most Loyal Opposition, through the shredder
  • Douglas Murray writes the cover story about France’s civil war, and why Francois Holland said he’s fighting the enemy ‘inside and outside’.
  • The Vicar of Baghdad, Andrew White, tells Mary Wakefield that he has searched the Quoran in vein for any mention of forgiveness
  • James Forsyth outlines how Obama’s failure in Syria now represents Putin’s opportunity.
  • Our Bad Sex Awards are awarded: readers submit their own entries for consideration.
  • Damian Thompson accuses Brahms of composing 35 of the most miserable minutes in music.
  • Our peerless reviewers list their books of the year.
  • The only disappointment awaiting Her Royal Highness is that Rod Liddle is away this week – but we can assure her that he’ll be back.

    And yes, The Times was also in the royal door – so Rupert Murdoch, like the Spectator, finds himself by appointment to their royal highnesses. But in the privacy of his own car, Mr Murdoch also knows not to accept any substitutes – as this below picture shows (he's reading James Forsyth's political column, having just finished Charles Moore's Notes).

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