David Blackburn

Game on for the Labour leadership

Game on for the Labour leadership
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The Coalition Cabinet remains unformed as yet - it's rumoured that Chris Huhne is going to environment and Michael Gove and David Laws are out doing one another in the 'I've no idea where I'll be' stakes. All the sounds are very positive but the contents of would-be ministers' statements are careful, as doubtless final decisions are being made.

The Labour leadership has its own spot on Westminster's backdrop of delicate intrigue. Yesterday, Andy Burnham positioned himself as the candidate of sense, opposing Lib-Lab talks and acknowledging that Labour needed to reorganise itself in the aftermath of defeat. The preferred path to renewal is clearer this morning. Alan Johnson has declared he will not stand and has backed David Miliband. With Harman and Johnson not standing and Charles Clarke in the wilderness, it looks like the battle for Labour's future has deferred to the younger generation. Of the old Guard, only Jack Straw remains undeclared.

UPDATE: David Miliband is expected to announce his candidature this afternoon.

UPDATE2: The Miliband Mj campaign gathers pace among the PLP - the Window-Dresser has given him her backing.

UPDATE3: Peter Hain has just ruled himself, but says that Labour's renewal needs to reflect the best of New Labour but also what can only be described as a 'lurch to the left'. That would suit Ed Miliband or Ed Balls.

UPDATE4: Charlie Falconer backs David Miliband; Yvette Cooper confirms that she won't stand.