Douglas Murray

Has Jeremy Corbyn ever bothered to speak to ‘the other side’?

Has Jeremy Corbyn ever bothered to speak to 'the other side'?
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I had a piece in the Sunday Times yesterday about Jeremy Corbyn and the dodgy excuse he and his spokespeople use whenever he is caught with another IRA terrorist, Holocaust-denier, Islamist or random anti-Semite. In general the claim is that he was only involved in the meeting as part of a 'peace process.' Occasionally he/they claim he was only there because of something he is even less qualified to speak about and that he only met the bigot in question because it was a meeting on 'inter-faith issues'.

In reality Jeremy and his people are clearly just trying to cover his tracks for decades of supporting terrible people with a propensity for extreme sectarian violence. But I would genuinely like to open out as a competition one question I keep asking.

Can anyone find any examples of Jeremy Corbyn doing something similar with 'the other side' of any of these peace processes or inter-faith meetings? For instance does anyone anywhere have any record of Jeremy Corbyn standing for a minute's silence for some loyalist thugs killed while on 'active service'? Or, more plausibly, are there any records of Jeremy Corbyn attending memorial events for the many members of the Royal Ulster Constabulary killed by while doing their duty as policemen? Or are there any records of him remembering members of the British armed forces and security services killed while performing their duties? It is only if we cannot find evidence of Jeremy attending such events that people might read reasons into why we only have records of him attending memorials for the IRA.

Likewise if the future Labour leader really has been involved in a peace process in the Middle East rather than shilling for Hamas and co, can anyone find any occasion when he has gone to pay homage to the heads of any settler movements in the West Bank? There must be some? Pictures of him shaking hands with them, invitations to them to speak in Parliament, videos of him describing them as 'friends' and so on? Surely at the very least he will have had meetings with political figures to the right of Netanyahu in the Israeli Knesset? There must be some record of these?

And if Jeremy is indeed concerned about remembering the people killed by all sides in the Middle East conflicts then surely he can't only be interested in those killed by Jewish paramilitaries during the 1948 War of Independence. Certainly he appears keen to attend memorials for them, but is there any record of him attending events to remember the Jews massacred by Palestinians during the same period? Recently there were some memorials for the medical staff murdered by Arabs in the Hadassah medical convoy massacre . Was Jeremy Corbyn at any of these memorials? It would be very good to know if he was. Otherwise, again, people might think Jeremy's memorialising has been a little selective, not to say partisan.

And as for inter-faith. This is Jeremy Corbyn's reason for meeting with some of the most rancid anti-Semites on the planet. So I assume he can also point to meetings with the most viciously anti-Muslim and anti-Arab pastors and rabbis anyone can locate. Fred Phelps for instance must have been into meetings with Jeremy Corbyn. And I imagine Pastor Terry Jones must have been called into a session or two before he tried to torch some Qurans? Meir Kahane has been dead for some years now. But surely before he was shot there are some records of inter-faith meetings between him and Jeremy Corbyn?

Somebody must be able to find these, surely? I know that if I were a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn's then I would make digging out the photos of these meetings an absolutely top priority. Wouldn't you?