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Highlights from the latest Spectator | 18 March 2010

Highlights from the latest Spectator | 18 March 2010
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The latest issue of the Spectator is out today, and here are my top five features:

Might Cameron face a general strike? Pick up today’s papers, and you read more and more unions planning to strike to protest against utterly necessary and inevitable cuts. Dennis Sewell points out that Greek trade unionists have started to tour Britain, encouraging protests along the lines that the rich caused the mess so they, not the public sector workforce, should pay the price. Underlying this is the belief by the Unions that the Tories lack resolve, and will buckle – as Heath did. The odds are that the unions will get together to test Cameron’s resolve, and the result could well be a general strike.

Is there any culture outside London? Ben West took his play to England's regional theatres, only to find a "cultural desert" where only "Elvis impersonators and stand-ups" can draw audiences. Weird, he says in the lead piece for our arts section, that while the West End is booming regional theatre in England seems to be dying a slow and agonising death.

Piers Morgan: "I want to stand for Parliament". This is the interview that we previewed on Coffee House yesterday. In it, I think that Piers unwittingly explains why he so loathes David Cameron: he secretly agrees with the Tory agenda. What he said about the broken society, absent fathers etc could have come straight out of a Tory speech. So don’t fight it, Piers. Many young men start our left-wing, and end up Conservative as their experience of life evolves. A lively read, as you'd expect.

The budget con tricks of next week. Failure of the BBC and other media to distinguish between “debt” and “deficit” creates opportunity for Brown to confuse voters – and James Forsyth says that’s precisely what he’ll do. James also asks why Darling gets the image of a good guy, when he’s the one putting his name to all this spin and deception.

Why American Jews are backing Obama. Don't trust in appearances, says Sam Tanenhaus. Relations between Israel and Washington may look to be in crisis - but, for most Jews, the US is the real Holy Land. We also have Taki add his tuppenceworth on Israel.

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