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How cuddly is Musharraf?

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Yesterday, we posted a letter by Wajid Shamsul Hasan, the former Pakistan High Commissioner to London, in which he took issue with a Coffee House post by Rani Singh.  Here, Rani responds to his points:

Dear Wajid,

Thank you for your comments of yesterday.

I wrote in a recent blog post that Musharraf has been “doing cuddly”.  In response, you suggested that “things are far from cuddly” for those living under Musharraf’s regime.

I agree with you.  Far from indicating that I was under the spell of Musharraf’s “well-oiled PR machine”, my words (“doing cuddly”) were intended to imply that it is all an act by Musharraf.  I even referred to his “televisual PR assault”. 

The truth is that things are far from well in Pakistan, and I’ve stressed this in my previous blog posts.  Everything from protesting lawyers and censorship of the press, to poverty and escalating violence has been broached by me.


Rani Singh