Rod Liddle

I can’t stand the Green Party but they probably deserve their place in the TV debates

I can't stand the Green Party but they probably deserve their place in the TV debates
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An email arrives from the excellent Zoe Williams, Guardian columnist and leftyagitfem middle-class propagandist. It requests that I should sign a round-robin petition to ensure that the Green Party is included in these proposed TV general election debates – much as David Cameron has, rather disingenuously, demanded.

I couldn’t sign the petition. I can’t think of a reason why the Greens should be excluded from the debates if, say, Ukip is to be there as well. The Greens’ current opinion poll standings put them level with the hapless Lib Dems. They have an MP. They should probably be in there, somewhere – even if they lose their sole MP come May, Inshallah.

But I couldn’t sign the petition because I can’t stand them. I realise that this is an inadequate reason, devoid of principle. And worse because I have, in the past, voted for them. For stupid reasons, I now suspect. But you look at Brighton and think – Christ, that’s the way we’re all headed; effete, middle class, mewing, inefficient, inept, radical chic-attitudinalising, incompetent, smug, bone-headedly stupid, ineffably PC, fascistically liberal and liberally fascistic, detached from the real world, self-righteous, incompetent – did I already say that? Sorry – financially insulated, dunderheaded, vacuous, banal, cloying, sexually decadent and vapid.

So no, sorry Zoe. Anyway, it looks as if the Greens got their TV debate without my support. And they probably should, on a matter of principle, have had my support. And yours.