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I’ve received a mystifying marriage proposal

I've received a mystifying marriage proposal
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I have had many proposals of marriage recently via the internet, most of them coming from young ladies in Nigeria, Ghana, the DRC and so on. Some of them haven’t even asked for my bank details. I assume that request will come later. Here’s the best one, though. And also the most mystifying.

Hello Dear one,

Hello,You have a wonderful and charming look of which every man that knows something good must appreciate the good creature of the Almighty.

I must say that you are an epitome of natural beauty and I would like to know you better and I hope to be your very good friend.

Since the first time I saw your face here on the face book I find it hard to erase it out of my mind.

Please my new friend tell me more about yourself,what is your Nationality,I think I need to know about you as your good friend.

Sorry if I ask too much Question just want to know my new friend better, I am Felix Anderson, U.S National and a top senior army officer and I will tell you more about myself too when I get your reply, please tell me more about your country.

Do have a good day

Well, I shall try to have a good day  - as I daresay will we all. But the chap sounds smitten. What does one do?