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In this week’s Spectator | 21 January 2010

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Labour’s Green Paper on families makes it clear that the party is opposed to promoting marriage. Ferdinand Mount says it’s crucial that the Tories don’t waver, but stick to their promise of a financial incentive.

It is not often that David Cameron lavishes praise on a Labour achievement. But that’s exactly what he was doing on Monday morning at Walworth Academy. Walworth is a rare Labour success, a state-funded institution free from local education authority control. Yet Labour has turned its back on the academies, leaving Cameron and the Tories free to swoop in and claim them as their own. James Forsyth argues that the Tories plan a radically different education system.

Lloyd Evans believes that Balls has fallen victim to two whopping fallacies. One is statistical. Labour’s tax system encourages cohabiting parents to pretend to be living apart, so large numbers of invisible dads are absent only in Whitehall graphs. In fact they are at home. The greater fallacy is the ‘god delusion’ to which commissars like Balls are prone.

It takes a special kind of stupidity to fail to see the difference between a twit writing provocative nonsense online and a genuine bomber, says Rod Liddle.

Mary Wakefield meets Stephen Deuchar, the man who plans to save the Staffordshire Hoard for the nation.

And we’ve also got a WEB EXCLUSIVE article by Claire Berlinski, who reports on the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake.