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Introducing Spectator TV, with Andrew Neil

Spectator TV
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Last week, we launched Spectator TV with The Week in 60 Minutes. Hosted by Andrew Neil and featuring James Forsyth, Katy Balls and yours truly, it aims to be a new fixture in your week: looking at the events passed in greater depth than you’d normally find. 

Every Thursday at 6pm – posted later on our YouTube channel – we aim to take you through the most important news and add the context and analysis. It’s (very) new and we’ve been grateful for all of your feedback: our tech is rudimentary (we’re on Zoom, for now) but our ambitions are sky high. We’ve had 90,000 views (so far) for last week’s episode and the feedback suggests we’re on to something in our belief that people want a lot more than they’re currently getting. We seek to offer a show that respects your time and intelligence, that goes into the kind of detail we saw last week when Oxford’s Carl Heneghan told Andrew about the problems with Covid testing data. And one that, literally, hears your voice: we’ll be taking and answering questions from our live audience. We’re back on today at 6pm: do tune in. You can find us on and we’ll welcome (and read) every piece of feedback, friendly or critical, at