Is YouTube censoring Peter Hitchens?

Is YouTube censoring Peter Hitchens?
Peter Hitchens
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Last month, Mr Steerpike wrote about the worrying decision by YouTube to remove a video featuring Karol Sikora, a professor of medicine, from its platform. Sikora appeared to have been targeted because he believed that coronavirus was petering out, and that we could potentially learn from Sweden which did not lockdown to protect itself against the virus. Happily, YouTube reversed the decision shortly afterwards.

Unfortunately though, it seems as though the social media company has not changed its policy on coronavirus videos. Today, the free speech show Triggernometry, has claimed that its recent interview with the Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens appears to have been removed from YouTube search. The show says that Hitchens’ interview can still be accessed by following a direct link, but cannot be found by those searching for it through the site.

Mr S attempted to view the interview through YouTube search, and was also unable to find the video. Other videos featuring Hitchens discussing the lockdown are still available on the site.

Like professor Sikora, Peter Hitchens is a sceptic of the UK lockdown. The journalist believes that studies from around the world have shown that lockdowns aren’t necessary and thinks that restrictions in the UK should be lifted immediately. This may depart from the UK political consensus, but does YouTube really believe that it’s an opinion the public need special protection from?

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