Islington North’s Labour rebellion

Islington North’s Labour rebellion
Jeremy Corbyn (photo: Getty)
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When Jeremy Corbyn, the former Labour leader and MP for Islington North, was suspended from the Labour party, many wondered how his fellow party members in the leafiest groves of north London would take the news.

Today, it appears we may have the answer – and it seems as if all is not well in Labour’s Islington branch. Early this morning the local party’s official social media account declared that it had ‘left the party’ in protest at Jeremy’s ‘unjust’ suspension, and warned that Starmer was dismantling the movement that Corbyn had built to fight for a better world:

Soon afterwards, control was clearly wrested back of the social media account, and the party issued a statement clarifying that North Islington had in fact not seceded.

Mr S has to confess he’s a bit disappointed with the would-be usurpers. Everyone knows the first rule of a coup is to take control of the airwaves. Clearly the revolutionaries of Islington still have a lot to learn.

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