James O’Brien on reopening schools: ‘When a child dies it’s on you’

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James O'Brien has done it again. LBC's eviscerator-in-chief has skewered yet another caller and their ill-thought-out opinions. No, not a moronic Brexiteer this time but a concerned parent. Wait, what? 

The father in question had phoned O'Brien's mid-morning show to share his concerns about his children, suggesting they really ought to get back into the classroom for their own good. Cue O'Brien launching one of his trademark takedowns. He told the caller: 'If you are 100 per cent behind this idea then when a child dies it's on you.'

Er...? Such was the power of O'Brien's argument that LBC decided to share it on social media, telling followers: 'This caller backed schools returning next week despite the risk of coronavirus – James O'Brien told him that "If a child dies it's on you".' 

Only when the inevitable backlash started did anyone at LBC towers realise this perhaps wasn't the progressive shock jock's finest hour. The station has now tweeted suggesting they took his comments out of context while sharing a longer version of the video (although Mr S thinks that quote gives you all the context you really need). 

How has O'Brien himself responded to the criticisms? That's right, by plugging his new book. Classy stuff!

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