Jeremy Corbyn: ‘you’d better make f—-ing sure I don’t get elected’

Jeremy Corbyn: 'you'd better make f---ing sure I don't get elected'
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At times it has seemed as though Labour under Jeremy Corbyn has not seen winning power as a top priority. Now it seems that winning the Labour leadership contest wasn't even Corbyn's desired result in the beginning. In an interview with Owen Jones, Corbyn ally Jon Lansman reveals what Corbyn said when he made it onto the ballot paper:

OJ: Do you remember what Jeremy Corbyn said when he got on the ballot paper?

JL: He said 'you'd better'... am I allowed to say 'f--cking'

OJ: Yes

JL: He said 'you'd better make f---ing sure I don't get elected'.

Mr S suspects Corbyn has since changed his tune...

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