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Just in case you missed them... | 2 November 2009

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…here are some of the posts made at over the weekend.

James Forsyth argues that the press will make a mountain out of each of Lord Ashcroft’s actions unless he clarifies his tax status, and believes that Theresa Villiers is the ideal candidate to sell the Tories’ arguments in Europe.

Daniel Korski celebrates Flemming Rose’s war, and analyses the effect Abdullah Abdullah’s withdrawal from the Afghan run-off.

David Blackburn believes that Lt. Col. Thorneloe’s memo and death should serve as an epitaph for the government’s dereliction of duty.

Fraser Nelson debates David Miliband’s candidature for EU Foreign Minister.

Susan Hill conducts a poll in the heart of Middle England.

Rod Liddle rejects Jacqui Smith’s and Tony McNulty’s attempts to cast themselves as victims.

And Alex Massie says that the Tories will be just as authoritarian as Alan Johnson.