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Just in case you missed them... | 7 August 2009

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…here are some of the posts made on this week.

Fraser Nelson says that David Cameron should ditch the 50% tax rate, and catches his old chum Ed Balls telling porkies again.

James Forsyth has Georgia on his mind, and is encouraged by rumours that a Tory government would include a designated Minister for Afghanistan.

Peter Hoskin thinks the Tories must commission a second Freud report, and does not believe that tales of economic recovery will improve Brown’s situation.

David Blackburn asks who is running the government at the moment and finds only confusion, and says that leaked slides of the Grey report reveal the MoD’s systemic incompetence.

Clive Davis pays tribute to Alex Massie’s rebuttal of Stryker McGuire’s ‘Death of Great Britain’ article.

Alex Massie says that, if his new book is anything to go by, Mitt Romney will pander to the Republican base.

And Melanie Philipps finds the cause of the Middle Eastern impasse.