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Just in case you missed them... | 7 December 2009

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…here are some of the posts made at

Fraser Nelson relates what happened when he tried to debate climate change with an expert, and says that Brown is ready to strike.

James Forsyth argues that the Tories musn’t allow Labour to define their tax policy, and finds a quote from the NUT that epitomises everything that is wrong with the British educational establishment.

David Blackburn argues that tax cuts will stimulate growth, and thinks that Alistair Darling has made the correct decision but a political blunder on IHT.

Mark Bathgate says that all Gordon Brown has saved is the bonus pool.

Daniel Korski sends a dispatch from Copenhagen.

Susan Hill condemns the iniquitous 11-plus exam.

Rod Liddle dissects what he considers magnificent hypocrisy.

And Alex Massie says that prejudice is not daring; it’s boring.