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Kennedy Poppycock

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Anne Kornblut, normally a reliable reporter, was given a turkey by her editors yesterday. Here's how she begins her WaPo story on Caroline Kennedy's (mercifully) brief Senate bid:

With her abrupt exit this week from consideration for the Senate, Caroline Kennedy added her name to a growing list: women who have sought the nation's highest offices only to face insurmountable hurdles.

Like Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sarah Palin before her, Kennedy illustrated what some say is an enduring double standard in the handling of ambitious female office-seekers. Even as more women step forward as contenders for premier political jobs, observers say, few seem able to get there.

Sure. Nothing to do with the fact that, as one wag put it, her bio ran out of steam shortly after "Born". Hillary Clinton has suffered from so much sexism that she is now Secretary of State and was previously, um, a Senator. Sarah Palin is still the governor of Alaska. So, yup, the game be rigged against 'em.



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