Jonathan Jones

Labour aren’t capitalising on the government’s woes

Labour aren't capitalising on the government's woes
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Ipsos MORI's latest monthly political monitor is just out, and it doesn't bring much good news for either the government or the opposition.

63 per cent of respondents are dissatisfied with the government and 54 dissatisfied with David Cameron — both the highest proportions since the election. On the public's number one issue — the economy — just 36 per cent say the government's done a good job. And even wose, a whopping 77 per cent say they've done a bad job of keeping unemployment down — hardly surprising considering unemployment has risen by 100,000 since the election.

But while all this presents a great opportunity for Labour, other numbers show how bad a job they're doing at taking advantage of it. They're only getting a slim majority (55 per cent) of the voters who are dissatisfied with the government. And just one-in-five think the two Eds would do a better job with the economy. Even those who dislike the government don't believe Labour would be any better at managing the economy: 51 per cent of them think they'd be "about the same", and 19 per cent say "worse":

This combination — an unpopular government and an opposition that few think would be any better — helps explain the rise in support for the "others". Smaller parties picked up 10 per cent of the vote in the election, but are now up to 15 — driven mainly by gains for the Greens and the SNP.