Isabel Hardman

Lib Dems to hold mansion tax vote strategy meeting

Lib Dems to hold mansion tax vote strategy meeting
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Will the Lib Dems support Labour's mansion tax vote? Vince Cable praised his pet policy idea last night, telling Lib Dem activists that it was an effective way of the government collecting revenue because properties can't move. But on Tuesday, the party will have to decide how it should vote on a very carefully-worded Labour motion (which you can read here).

I understand that the Lib Dem leadership is holding a meeting on Monday to decide its strategy for the vote, which is an Opposition Day debate, not government business. A source close to Vince Cable tells me: 'It's unlikely the party will end up voting for the Labour motion.'

The chances are, I hear, that there could be an amendment from the Lib Dem side which neutralises the issue somewhat, allowing the party's MPs to express their love of the mansion tax without having to jump into bed with Labour.