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Maladroit Mandy

Maladroit Mandy
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I find the way the Prime Ministerial debates have been spun by the media and commentators more interesting than the debates themselves. It seemed clear to me that Gordon Brown was the real loser of the first debate, as all the post-event polls suggested, and yet the media – even the Tory papers – stuck the boot into David Cameron. In the last debate I thought Brown substantially improved and most of the post-event polls showed little distance between him and Cameron – and yet this time, Brown has been spun as the loser. I ought to add, I am not commenting upon their actual performances during the debates – all three, on both occasions, behaved like meerkats on acid – just the polls and the way the press reported the story.

Either way, though, it wasn’t a great idea of Peter Mandelson’s to agree to these debates, was it? For such a great strategist he is sometimes astonishingly maladroit.

My prediction now for the election, recently revised, is, in percentage terms, Con 36, Lab 28, Lib 24, which I think leaves Cameron not far short of a working majority. Although it is early in the morning, I haven’t had a coffee yet and it’s quite possible I’m wrong……………………….