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Mandelson’s video diary

Mandelson's video diary
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We all know that Peter Mandelson enjoys the limelight, but this – from Kevin Maguire's column in the New Statesman – is taking things to a whole new level:

"Set your videos for Mandy: the Movie. I hear that the resurrected Prince of Darkness is to star in a fly-on-the-wall documentary. Eager to share his transformation from Labour outcast to potential saviour, the shy and retiring Lord of All-He-Surveys is being followed everywhere by a camerawoman.

Visitors to an eighth-floor lair in the Department for Biz are surprised to be co-opted as extras, while Mandy is permanently wearing a microphone. The great panjandrum maintains that no deal has been signed with any channel. One Labour cynic outrageously suggested that it's because Mandy's unable to accept a fee while a minister."

If this ends up as anything like an unvarnished account of life in Brown's government, then it could make for grimly fascinating viewing.