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Maximum Wage? Not so much these days.

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Which footballer offers his club the best value-for-money? Easy. It's Lionel Messi. Why? According to this Portuguese calculation he's not one of the 50 best-paid footballers in the world. Lucky Barcelona.

Here's the top five (the first figure is their monthly salary in euros, the second their annual remuneration). You'll notice that two of these players are not like the other three.

1.     Ricardo Kaka                 AC Milan            750.000 €     9.000.000 €

2.     Ronaldinho                    FC Barcelona     710.000 €     8.520.000 €

3.     Frank Lampard              Chelsea FC         680.000 €     8.160.000 €

4.     John Terry                      Chelsea FC         680.000 €     8.160.000 €

5.     Fernando Torres            Liverpool FC     660.000 €     7.920.000 €

No fewer than eight Chelsea players make the list. The most ridiculous names? Sol Campbell, Darren Bent and Harry Kewell.

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